Stone Based Multi Deck Oven (Cyclothermic Oven)

Porlanmaz Stone Based Multi Deck ovens (cyclothermic) are equipped with specially designed heat recessive stone soles and heat circulation system. This system supplies an absolute uniform distribution of heating over all decks of the oven therefore gives excellent baking results. Each deck of oven has a powerful steaming device which enables the demanded amount of steam at any time. The steaming device can be individually switched on and off for each deck. This off ers a particular advantage for confectionery goods. High graded insulation material prevents heat losses so, saves energy.

Model Unit PMKF 100 PMKF 150
Capacity* (bread / 8 hours) pcs 3500 4500
Baking surface m2 10 15
Number of deck pcs 4 4
Width (W) mm 1900 2500
Length (L) mm 3700 3700
Height (H) mm 2250 2250
Inside width of oven mm 1230 1830
Inside length of oven mm 2060 2060
Insıde height of oven(H1) mm 185 185
Tray capacity (40x60cm) pcs 40 60
Electrical power kW 3,6 3,6
Heating capacity kcal / h 67000 86000
Max. temperature ºC 300 300
Number of palettes pcs 8 12
Dimensions of palettes mm 580x2400 580x2400
Source of energy   Diesel, Natural gas / LPG
Weight of oven kg 3500 4250
Control system   Analogue, Digital or Touch Screen
Energy Consumption Max.** Diesel (l / h) 9.5 12.2
Natural gas ( m3 / h) 8,1 10,4
LPG (l / h) 8.7 11.2
* The capacity shall variable according to the weight and baking time of the product.
** Energy consumption under normal conditions.
Stone Based Multi Deck Oven (Cyclothermic Oven)
Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.