Electrical Mini Deck Oven

The major specification of mini deck oven (modular oven) is each deck can be operated independently. Temperature and the time of steam can be adjusted for each deck as per the request. Thus, it provides an opportunity to bake diff erent sort of products in each deck. For being fermented there is a fermentation cabinet and its temperature and humidity can be adjusted. It is used with single deck also modular and according to need it can be added extra deck, chimney hood and fermentation cabinet. It provides low energy consumption. It can be moved by means of its wheels. Optional stand is produced for the oven. It is produced with electricity.

Model Unit PMKF 6 PMKF 12
Width (W) mm 960 1600
Length (L) mm 1650 1650
Height (H) (one deck) mm 350 350
Inside width of oven mm 600 1200
Inside length of oven mm 900 900
Insıde height of oven mm 180/210 180/210
Height of chimney hood(H2) mm 250 250
Height of fermentation cabinet(H1) mm 650 650
Number of tray in each deck (dimensions of trays) pcs (cm) 2 (35x45)
2 (40x60)
1 (60x80)
6 (35x45)
4 (40x60)
2 (60x80)
Electrical power kW 5+3 10+3
Electrical power for fermentation cabinet kW 3,5 3,5
Control system Analogue, Digital or Touch Screen
Weight of oven (1 deck) kg 162 270
Weight of fermentation cabinet kg 70 150
Number of trays in fermentation cabinet pcs 8 16
Electrical Mini Deck Oven
Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.