Automatic Bowl Tilting Machine

Automatic bowl tilting machine, works compatible with the removable bowl of automatic spiral mixer with mobile bowl. Automatic bowl tilting machine helps us to lift and discharge the dough in to dough divider hopper from mobile bowl of Porlanmaz spiral mixer with mobile bowl. When bowl lifts highest point of the machine it turns automatically and discharges all the dough by help of a scraper. When discharging process finishes the bowl lowers very softly by means of the speed control device.

Model Unit PMBT 430
Maximum lifting capacity kg 610
Dough discharging height (H2) mm 2148
Maximum height (H1) mm 3395
Width (W) mm 1836
Length (L) mm 1816
Height (H) mm 2320
Electrical power kW 2,75
Weight of the machine kg 750
Automatic Bowl Tilting Machine
Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.