Automatic Bread Slicing Machine with pocket blower

Full automatic bread slicing machine. A perfectly designed machine for high scale bakeries, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, and military units. Wheels provide mobility to the machine. It does not deform the shape of the bread since there is not pressure and pushing eff ort. Tapes speeds and the distance between the tapes can automatically be adjusted depending on the shape, crust hardness and height of the bread. Speed control system. All surfaces which are in contact with the bread are made of food compatible materials. Works silent and without vibration.

Optional :
1. One side pocket blowing system
2. Two side pocket blowing system
3. Food compatible blade oiling system for knives

Model Unit PMBS 1500
Capacity pcs/h 1500
Thickness of slice mm 11 - 26
Number of knife pcs 44 - 28
Max. bread length mm 450
Bread height (min. - max.) mm 60-145
Width (W) mm 656
Length (L) mm 1885
Height (H) mm 1330
Electrical power (220V / 380V) kW 1,21
Weight of machine kg 450
Automatic Bread Slicing Machine with pocket blower
Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.