Intermediate Proofer

Porlanmaz dough proofing machine is specially designed for the cold and hot climate. Dough is circulated at all of the pockets one by one with the transferring method in the machine. This circulation stays 8 minutes in the cold climates and 5 minutes in the hot climates. Right and left outlet is provided due to the fact that the transferring mechanism is adjustable, and thus; an untroubled working environment is ensured. An easy and hygienic cleaning is provided because the conveying nets are plastic and replaceable. They can be moved to any place due to their wheels. Some parts of the machine are covered by transparent material to observe the dough. The control panel is protected against electrical errors such as missing phases or wrong connections. Machine is made of stainless steel.

Optional :
- Speed controller
- Mechanical movement
- Steaming unit
- UV light

Model Unit PMIP 152 PMIP 240
Number of pockets pcs 152 240
Proofing  weight g 100 - 1500 100 - 1500
Proofing time min 5 8
Capacity pcs/h 1800 - 2000 1800 - 2000
Width (W) mm 2000 2000
Length (L) mm 1380 1950
Height (H) mm 2200 2200
Height of dough entry (H1) mm 930 ± 20 930 ± 20
Height of dough exit (H2) mm 1150 ± 100 1150 ± 100
Electrical power kW 0,37 0,37
Weight of machine kg 490 700
Intermediate Proofer
Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.